We aren’t just building the Creator Economy. We’re creating a legacy, infusing it with diversity, inclusion, social awareness, brand purpose, and co-collaborative learning.

We help empower creators with community, tools, education, and networking. We’re a diverse set of builders with shared vision across Marketing, Education, Art & NFTs, Design, Crypto, Blockchain, Journalism, DEI, Entertainment, Finance, and more. 

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Bird’s eye view is an overview of the Creator Economy, featuring curated news content and original thought pieces to help spark ideas, discover trends, and seize upon new opportunities. Having community discussions around specific topics will be key in exploring solutions for you in a collaborative environment.

Passion Engine features the best creators producing in the marketplace right now.  


corrales cachola

Founder of Brand New Voices

I believe our voices can heal and empower, and become an important extension of brand. To lift those who have historically been shut out. A single voice can move mountains, even change the world. It starts by changing conversations. I’m honored to be with you on this journey, and can’t wait to shape the new Creator Economy with you. Hit me up in the purple chatbox with any questions!