Community is valuable in a crashed market

Paper chain family or community

The best part about building in destroyed markets is you get to see all the valuable slow-burn projects in web3. These tend to get overlooked during hype cycles because they don’t move fast and break things. It’s exciting to focus our attention on rocket ships. 🚀

Rockets need fuel. Enter community 🌱 (dun-dun-dunn!)

One of the biggest problems in NFTs is associating floor price with value. Value does not equal floor price. Value creation is simply that which produces a benefit to people.

So, what’s valuable to people in a crashed market? Community. First, second, last, always.

How does community produce this value?

How does it NOT produce value is the question.

Without community, there would be no crypto. Bitcoin rose to become the fastest-growing asset in history because of the Bitcoin COMMUNITY. All those vaunted institutional investors weren’t convinced until the Bitcoin community effectively created a new reality.

What can we expect to become valuable today and tomorrow?


Authentic community. Community that helps people. Communities that do big and small things TOGETHER. Community that lives and breathes web3 composability. Community-Ecosystems. Those lead to products and services which serve the community and other communities (ecosystems).

Expect to hear more about:

  • cc0
  • community-led art
  • community-led decisions
  • community storytelling
  • derivative art and culture
  • global ecosystems of connected communities
  • social impact
  • Ukraine
  • Africa
  • DAOs and NFTs as protected public spaces
  • mental health in communities
  • more thoughtful and innovative drops
  • diversity collabs
  • ESG (environmental, social, and governance)
  • music, poetry, fashion
  • experiences

As for me, I’ll be busy infusing many of these ideas into the human blockchain project. You’re going to get so sick of me talking about the human blockchain!


About the author

Corrales Cachola

Founder of Brand New Voices — an exploration community for emerging opportunities in NFTs and communities. I help you strategize on web3 solutions for marketing, community, diversity, and social impact. Also, Marketing for Community Banks. Journalist trained. 👋🏽 Outspoken DEI Advocate. Clients have included: Nike, Intel, Barret School of Banking, World Health Organization, and Special Olympics International