When we focus on building our own communities, we end up joining other communities.

Surreal dark Transylvanian forest on Halloween

Web3 is a learner-guide model. It’s a vast underground root system teeming with life. Everything is connected. The trees we see above ground are never alone. The fruits produced by the trees are what people buy. When the fruits are eaten, these are the valuable experiences people pay and come back for. The flavors, sweetness, […]

Community is valuable in a crashed market

The best part about building in destroyed markets is you get to see all the valuable slow-burn projects in web3. These tend to get overlooked during hype cycles because they don’t move fast and break things. It’s exciting to focus our attention on rocket ships. 🚀 Rockets need fuel. Enter community 🌱 (dun-dun-dunn!) One of […]