Teaching web3 through a lens of humanity.

Brand New Voices exists to serve people, projects and communities in web3 who are helping build the human blockchain. We do this by helping participants grow their causes in finding support through interconnected communities. We aim to provide marketing and educational support web3 creators grow. As the human blockchain takes on more node operators we will be able to help one another through this network.

Ideas we’re currently working towards:

Social impact – partner with projects that demonstrate the power of web3 to make the world a better place. Plans include ESG partnerships and hackathons.

Charitable fundraisers – NFTs and art for the benefit of Ukraine and Africa. Plans include metaverse music concerts and NFT art drops. Let’s make these happen.

Education – Teaching web3 through a lens of humanity. Focus on diversity, art, culture, storytelling, music, and fashion. Also, I will be working on recasting the infamous NFT whitelist into less of a fake Hollywood members-only thing, and more educational-rewards based.

Community learning frameworks I’ll be playing around with:

  • H2H API (human API)
  • H2H Algorithm (human algo)
  • H2H Chain (human blockchain)

Health & wellbeing – I’m forming wagmi collabs with health & wellness professionals now. Very excited about this one!

Diversity – lots of stuff planned here.

Human Marketing – will be building out this concept.

Career and project matching β€” with web3 companies that exude the qualities of the human blockchain. Stoked about this!

Anybody who wants to talk collabs or help me build lmk. DMs open. πŸ™


The human blockchain is for storytellers, artists, journalists, musicians, DAOists, blockchain experts, and marketers all helping to map our human legacy onto the blockchain through storytelling and products. As crypto matures, it’s more important than ever to map human legacy, purpose, and meaning to the blockchain. In short, web3 needs a strong why. Diversity and equity are not guaranteed in web3 simply because of wagmi culture. As people replace banks and other institutions, inequity could become worse than before. We need a better understanding of human-to-human systems now, not later. We need a human blockchain, human APIs, and human algorithms.


About the author

Corrales Cachola

Founder of Brand New Voices β€” an exploration community for emerging opportunities in NFTs and communities. I help you strategize on web3 solutions for marketing, community, diversity, and social impact. Also, Marketing for Community Banks. Journalist trained. πŸ‘‹πŸ½ Outspoken DEI Advocate. Clients have included: Nike, Intel, Barret School of Banking, World Health Organization, and Special Olympics International