We’re building the human blockchain

Brand new voices rooted in ancient soil.

Web3 onboarding needs more than just education — it needs a strong why.

To understand blockchain is to understand humanity. Through connected story is how we help each other rise.

We do this through an understanding of human legacy in connection with Blockchain.

“Blockchains are a profoundly new way of doing old things.” –Natalie Smolenski, cultural anthropologist

Brand New Voices is a federation of independent communities, people, projects, and organizations all sharing a common vision — to bring meaning to web3 through our shared human tapestry. A new concept rooted in ancient soil.

We are the human blockchain that has existed since the dawn of civilization. Let’s explore what this means in web3 and build our future together.

Web3 isn't for the dreamers. It's for the doers.


Brand New Voices exists to serve the people and projects which exemplify the qualities of the human blockchain -- community, humanity, and leadership. These projects aim to connect people & communities together globally through the power of story, song, art, culture, diversity, and education. In wagmi we trust.

Genesis Be

People Not Things

Bringing humanity to the forefront

About Brand New Voices

Brand New Voices exists to serve people, projects and communities in web3 who are helping build the human blockchain. We do this by helping participants

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